3721 Commits (master)

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  Shaun ce13d6a908 feat #1986: More work on this 2 weeks ago
  Shaun c18fd60b49 modding #1983: Added the follower object to the onFollowerDeath event 2 weeks ago
  Shaun 44616d4184 modding #1986: Made the castSpellOnHit item effect more generic 2 weeks ago
  Shaun e75c1486c1 modding #1985: Added oldPos to the afterPositionChange event 2 weeks ago
  Shaun cf237572db modding #1984: New object event: beforeIsSpellTarget 2 weeks ago
  Shaun 8b8d804b9b modding #1983: New object event: afterFollowerDeath 2 weeks ago
  Shaun 57e2f3aa76 fix #1982: Fixed filters 2 weeks ago
  Shaun 10b742c8be chore: removed test code 2 weeks ago
  Shaun 23251243b7 modding #1981: new event onBeforeGetSalvagerMappings 2 weeks ago
  Shaun 946d91b01a fix: Added fix for legacy putrid shanks 1 month ago
  Shaun 810d3161dc fix #1976: Another fix for this task 1 month ago
  Shaun d699bc52a7 modding #1976: refactored onGetHp and its events 1 month ago
  Shaun fbead407a4 fix #1963: Fixed an issue with pets trying to reset spellbook rotations 1 month ago
  Shaun 1c6776e1ee chore: fixed npm vulns 1 month ago
  Shaun e839f19721 chore: fixed linter warnings and reformatted eslintrc 1 month ago
  Shaun 91fb92a5e8 modding #1975: reworked takeDamage argument and damage event arguments 1 month ago
  Shaun b928df1b90 fix: fixed a bug that caused extendEffects to only be send to the owner of the effect 1 month ago
  Shaun 624678cb4b chore: small cleanup 1 month ago
  Shaun ee1be6ef72 fix: fixed a crash that would be caused by trying to fix items with no events inside an effect 1 month ago
  Shaun aa7e70e367 fix: item effects that can't be found will now simply be removed withou crashing the server 1 month ago
  Shaun 4635835848 fix: Fixed double lines above item effects when the item is not a weapon 1 month ago
  Shaun 48ad103e09 chore: added better defaulting for threatMult and added a helper method to reset aggro 1 month ago
  Shaun 971fc10e9c modding #1974: Added the ability for mods to override default UIs 1 month ago
  Shaun 2e6bf42dc7 chore, bug: fixed the outline shader and refactored numbers 1 month ago
  Shaun 6baa7e5454 chore: updated pixijs from 6.1.2 to 6.5.9 1 month ago
  Big Bad Waffle 2eeb60918e Merge branch '1972-mobbuilder-animations' into 'master' 1 month ago
  Big Bad Waffle 8be35b354d Merge branch '1570-quickslot-css-bug' into 'master' 1 month ago
  Big Bad Waffle 2952fab6c8 Merge branch '1970-center-ongetdamage' into 'master' 1 month ago
  kckckc 6cba6b0687 fix #1972: Fix mob animations 1 month ago
  kckckc 520135eaf0 fix #1570: Fix quickslot border css bug 1 month ago
  kckckc 05ccf42e53 feat #1970: Center floating event text 1 month ago
  Big Bad Waffle 9b88244d48 Merge branch '1968-aftergivehp' into 'master' 1 month ago
  kckckc 870c72d367 feat #1968: Add afterGiveHp event 1 month ago
  Shaun adfe6e1c2e polish #1967: Changed the item effects color on tooltips to blueB 1 month ago
  Shaun 6af866e344 Merge branch 'master' of gitlab.com:Isleward/isleward 1 month ago
  Shaun 12aacd27d7 enhancement #1966 1 month ago
  Big Bad Waffle f3e633721b Merge branch '1965-lint-clientcomponents' into 'master' 1 month ago
  kckckc 80561d1a1b feat #1965: Use client eslint config for files in clientComponents 1 month ago
  Shaun 27693cea02 modding #1946 1 month ago
  Shaun 33d9fd5b03 refactor, fix #1963: Refactored atlas, added threadManager and fixed objects being added to zones before the zones are ready 1 month ago
  Shaun 9cc4f2329b bug: Fixed accidental code delete 1 month ago
  Shaun f5fc0a49ac bug #1691: Fixed a crash caused by atlas not waiting long enough for instanced maps to spawn 1 month ago
  Shaun 9088cc2e80 modding #1960: Add the username to the onBeforeRegisterAccount and onBeforeLogin events 2 months ago
  Vildravn af6e1cae38 Change only=prod to omit=dev 8 months ago
  Vildravn 8298ec734e Update lock file 8 months ago
  Shaun 5b1c642fb9 bug #1955 8 months ago
  Shaun b2130d9b56 bug #1948 10 months ago
  Shaun 2086156533 balance #1952 10 months ago
  Shaun f6211ecb10 feat #1949: ioRethink.getFilterAsync now allows ordering result sets 10 months ago
  Big Bad Waffle ed9c6872ce Merge branch '1838-fix-rezone-camera-speed' into 'master' 10 months ago